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Monday, February 7, 2011

It Depends

On Thursday of last week, I was a little caught off guard when Chris walked through the door and said, "Why is there a Depends adult diaper box on the front porch?"  After my brain processed what he said, my first thought was, "Oh no, which one of my sisters or friends sent me a very belated birthday present?" :-)

After noticing they weren't my size. ;-) and seeing the box was addressed to Hudson, I remembered we were expecting a package from Chris' dad. (He's currently helping to take care of his mom right now, which explains the box.)  Instead of dreading opening it, we couldn't wait!  One of the most precious items we've received by mail in a long time, maybe ever, was waiting inside.

Chris' mom had made Riley and Carson and their 3 cousins a special blanket. The blankets are "Aletha originals" and dearly loved by all 5. I was actually planning on making one for Hudson, so that he had one too. But praise God, Aletha had already purchased the fabric to start working on it. She just hadn't had a chance to get it started. My super thoughtful father-in-law found it and asked a lady at his church to sew it for Hudson. (All of this overwhelms me to the point of tears, of course.)  So, long story semi-short, that was what was in the box.
Chris opened it and both of us were misty eyed. It was absolutely perfect. And Hudson's reaction couldn't have been any more perfect either. "I love it!! It's so beautiful." He wrapped himself up in it immediately and called his "Pop" to thank him. I'm so thankful that she had bought the fabric, it makes it even more special that the pattern and color were what she wanted him to have. And I'm pretty sure there's a lesson in there somewhere about not putting off till tomorrow what we can do today. Meaning, I'm glad she bought the fabric. Did I already mention that?


  1. Your writing this morning teared me up also...
    Aletha had told us about how she was making the blankets for all her grandchildren. This brought about her wish for each of her grandchildren to enjoy having a blanket from her to enjoy.
    Love to all,
    Aunt Rae Nell

  2. That is so special! I had a great-aunt who made quilts for everyone in the family for high school graduation presents. She was getting up there in years when she made my sisters' quilts. I was only 6 at the time & she was afraid she wouldn't be around for my graduation so she went ahead & made me one at the same & gave it to my mother to save for me. It went to college with me & served as my bedspread my freshman year.