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Our Life...
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

If You Give a Mom a Free Evening

If you give a mom a free evening, her mind will begin to race with all things she could do. She'll finally decide on a project she would like to complete.  She'll gather everything she needs and sit down to begin working. When she's almost finished, she'll remember she needs a Sharpie to complete it. She'll get up and walk to the computer desk to find one. She doesn't see the Sharpie, but she does notice she has a few new notifications on Facebook. She'll sit down for a FEW minutes. While she's on Facebook, she remembers it's been awhile since she's written on her blog. She'll open it up and stare at the blank page. While she's staring at the blank page, the dog will begin to whine to get her attention. She'll realize that maybe the dog hasn't been fed this evening. She'll get up and feed the dog. While she's up, she realizes she might like a little snack too.  She'll walk to the kitchen and wash a pear. As she's standing in the kitchen eating the pear, the dog begins to whine again. She realizes perhaps he had been fed and maybe he just needed to go out. So, she'll let the dog out. While she's waiting for him to finish his "business", she'll walk down to the basement to check on the laundry. As she's checking the dryer, she'll notice that (for some unexplained reason) there's a Sharpie on top of the dryer. When she sees the Sharpie, she'll remember the project upstairs she needs to finish. As she sits down to finish the project, she hears the dog barking in the backyard and realizes she forgot to let him back in. As she's letting the dog in, she has an idea for her blog and decides to sit back down to write. She writes for a few minutes and then loses steam. Suddenly she remembers the project she was working on earlier and sits down to finish it at last. As soon as she sits down in the chair, she hears her husband and kids at the door and realizes that once again, the idea of accomplishing something on a "free" evening has eluded her.

True Story.

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